Sore throught Help ?

Answer I always just have water mixed with a tea spoon of honey it soothes the pain down or get a glass of hot water mixed in with salt and then gurgle and swallow 2 gulps of it down the salt heals the so... Read More »

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I have a sore bump on the back of my head it is about the size of a nickel and sore when you touch it please help I'm only 13 and there is nobody nearby so i can't get help from anyone?

How can I help my sore muscles to not be so sore?

HELP! MOUTH SWOLLEn canker sore please help!!!!!!!!!?

Listen to everyone who said to gargle salt water, do it 3 times a day and it will heal quickly! Make sure its warm...and use as much salt as you can get to disolve in the water...It also soothes th... Read More »

How To Get A Remote Pc throught Internet?

You can get the pc through remote. But once it restarted then the n/w service will down. Then you lost the connection. After it boots up, You need to connect it again. No other way