Sore throught Help ?

Answer I always just have water mixed with a tea spoon of honey it soothes the pain down or get a glass of hot water mixed in with salt and then gurgle and swallow 2 gulps of it down the salt heals the so... Read More »

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Is it PMS or a sign of pregnancy if your nipples have been sore for over a week and they don't hurt as much as they did when they first got sore but this is the longest that they've ever been sore?

Answer Its most likely PMS if your expecting your period. But do a test if your period doesnt arrive.Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected per... Read More »

How To Get A Remote Pc throught Internet?

You can get the pc through remote. But once it restarted then the n/w service will down. Then you lost the connection. After it boots up, You need to connect it again. No other way

Why was the CIA created and what was it's purpose throught the cold war?

The OSS during WWII was the first Central intelligence gathering agency the US had. When it was disbanded at the end of the war, it was quickly realized that the existing world situation (Cold War)... Read More »

All about cameras throught the ages and how they have got better in time?

Try tapping the app once, if it says PAUSED tap it again and that should start it loading. In some occasions you can hold onto the app until it wiggles, then click the cros on top of it and follow ... Read More »