Sore throat question! Does this work?

Answer yes

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Sore throat question?

Warm salt water is one of the oldest home remedies, but can be very effective from sore gums, recent tooth lost, to sore throats. What it does is dry the area to promote healing. Just a friendly ... Read More »

My girl friend recently got a sore throat, could i catch that sore throat if we just kiss?

"... could i catch that sore throat if we just kiss?" -- Unlike "Josh", I don''t find the answer so "obvious". I have no idea what's caused your friend's sore throat and that is big factor in f... Read More »

A quick question please: If you have a very sore throat and difficulty in swallowing, should you eat cold?

It takes a while for the salt water gargle to work. That's more of a preventive measure. Eat whatever you can, hot or cold. Zinc lozenges, and throat sprays, also help cut the healing time.

Last night I dreamt I had the swine flu and now I have a sore throat..actual serious question inside :)?

If you had a sore or parched throat before you woke up, then you might have felt some discomfort or pain from it during your dream, and this could easily be associated with and suggest the recent b... Read More »