Sore in mouth Worried?

Answer You know what the problem is. It's time to worry if you get a bad sore in your mouth and you don't know what caused it.Rinse your mouth morning and night with a glass of water to which you've adde... Read More »

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I have a sore on the roof of my mouth, i also have a white sore on my inner lip what could this be?

Why is my mouth so sore?

Small bump on roof of mouth - worried about oral cancer?

Nope, you do not have cancer. Relax. Have the doc check it out, but breathe easy for the few weeks until you go in.

Bad sore on the roof of my mouth?

That happened to me, what happened was you probably had something too hot. Unfortunately, I've never heard of any medicine or anything that calms the soreness down, but normally it stays for a few ... Read More »