Sore Eye Balls - What may be the cause?

Answer Hun maybe u Should see a Doctor

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What can cause a sore jaw?

I'd go to your doctor, it sounds like you either are having an enlargement of the lymph nodes and this is whats causing it. This could be serious, so id reccomend seeing a doc soon....

What can cause sore breasts and nipples?

Answer Hello there. A approaching period can cause sore breasts and nipples so can any number of things from clothes or bra rubbing your breasts to early pregnancy symptoms and too mu... Read More »

I've had a sore throat for a few days and today I finally looked at it and found little white balls that...?

not definatly strep. once i hade those same spots with a sore throat. the doc said it wasnt strep. could be an allergy

Felt light headed during the day and a sore empty stomach feeling all day what could be the cause?

What diets don't tell you is that is as you exercise more you also need to eat more. Make sure you have some snacks, they don't have to be huge snacks, just a little sugar hit. You just need to kee... Read More »