Soprano Sax Straight Vs. Curved?

Answer Unlike other saxophones, most soprano saxophones are straight rather than curved. A curved model, shaped like a miniature alto sax, was popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and in recent years it has en... Read More »

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Why are sausages curved Seriously, it's a real problem for cooks. Why can't they be straight?

Natural sausage casings are made from intestines. Intestines grow coiled inside the abdomen of an animal. You can lay the sausage flat, but as it cooks, it will revert to the shape in which it grew... Read More »

Who shot Tony Soprano?

Probie is short for "probational officer". When an agent begins his career he is only a probational officer and they dont have all of the power of a full agent. DiNozzo and Franks still call McGee ... Read More »

Who invented the soprano recorder?

The inventor of the soprano recorder lived in the Middle Ages, and his or her name has been lost to history. The first written record of the recorder was found in a 1388 document. Mr. Arnold Dolme... Read More »

Is a soprano sax concert pitch?

The most common kind of soprano saxophone is a B-flat instrument, which must be transposed up an entire tone to match the concert pitch of most instruments. There is also a less-common C soprano sa... Read More »