Soo ive updated facebook?

Answer News Feed Is Not Included With the New Profile/Page The News Feed is the Only Thing thats the Same

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How to change my profile picture on the new updated Facebook app?

Go to the picture you want to be your profile picture and press down on it until a bar slides up from the bottom. It will have the choice to make it your profile picture.

How do I delete photos from the new updated Facebook for IPhone?

It doesn't matter if you uploaded two of the same photo. But you might as well do it on a computer.

Is there a way to remove Top Stories at the top of the News Feed in the updated Facebook?

There are several ways you can get rid of top stories or half fix your feed. For awhile you could change to Google UK, and you can "train" your news feed by unmarking all stories that are top ones.... Read More »

How to Stay Updated With Your Friends if You Don't Use Facebook?

In today’s social media charged society, staying in touch with old (and new) friends has been made easier thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter. From talking about your child’s soccer game ... Read More »