Sony vegas 9 pro plz help!?

Answer Adobe After Effects 6.5 for Mac

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Sony vegas pro 10.0 is blurry help!?

It sounds like you haven't changed the quality of the player. If its blurry you probably have it set 'preview'or 'draft' to stop it looking blurry change it to 'good' (full) or 'best' (auto) howeve... Read More »

SONY VEGAS HELP!! PLEASE!! 10 pts best answer?

Your best effort will be in trying to do a quick Google search using the following keywords: overlap two videos together That will give you several links to visit that should be of great assistan... Read More »

I need help with reversing clips in sony vegas 7?

You're trying to render it backwards, start to finish.Black is indicative of a failure to render video. Can be caused my many factors including a flaw in the software, too much info on the hard dr... Read More »

Sony Vegas Videos Lag After Render! Please Help! What Do I Do?

sometimes it’s ur ISP bandwidth, but most of the time it ur system’s full of junk & temp files that it has to load every time it starts, like programs that load, at u don’t use right away, t... Read More »