Sony camera problem! Help!?

Answer If you were foolish enough to actually believe that banging on the camera or smacking it or dropping it on the floor would "fix" it how on earth did you find your way home? Or are you home-schooled... Read More »

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Sony DSC-W55 camera problem.?

Read the manual:…Try initializing the camera - page 24. If that does not work, see page 29 - take the battery out for at least a minute, put the battery ba... Read More »

HELP for my sony radio, speakers, connection problem...?

Not going to work. You will burn up your amp.

I hav a problem downloading videos and pics from my sony dvd camcorder. can anyone help?

I face this problem as well.I even installed the latest version of macromedia 4 times,Then i connect my sony camcorder,And wham the pop-up appears.I have never got past this point.

SONY CAMERA "power on and off" HELP!! 10 PTS!?

You will get that error if there is dirt or grit on the gears that open the lens cover. See link below for a fix (if you may).As for the lens tap:Firmly but gently tap the edge of the lens (barrel)... Read More »