Sony Vegas how to make it read MKV files.?

Answer MKV is a container. Like a zip files, it has store video and audio in it. You can extract files from MKV and then edit them.get MKVtoolnix…then MKVextract... Read More »

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How to run MKV files on Sony Vegas Pro 9 or 11?

I think you better convert it what you say huh?

How do I read PDF files on Sony Reader?

How to Read PDFs on Sony ReaderEnsure the PDF you are trying to read on your Sony Reader is unprotected; some sites encrypt PDF files and books. Download the unprotected PDF to your Sony Reader. Ad... Read More »

How do you make slow motion on sony vegas?

ah i gotcha , you basically use the event velocity , where the line comes up , where you have been moving up and down previous to slow and speed up now restore the normal speed , the Velocity line ... Read More »

How to Make Smoother Playback in Sony Vegas?

Sometimes, editing in Sony Vegas gets really choppy when playing back the video. To avoid that, a fast system with good processing power, higher capacity rams and faster hard drive will make playba... Read More »