Sony SRF M32 Walkman Instructions?

Answer Mobile entertainment is a great thing to have when you are performing activities such as exercise. The Sony SRF-M32 is a portable AM/FM radio which can be worn by a person to listen to radio throug... Read More »

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How to Download to a Sony Walkman?

So you finally got your new Sony Walkman and are ready to rock out, but you don't know how to get your favorite tunes off of your computer and onto your MP3 player. No worries - all you need is you... Read More »

How to Add Video to a Sony Walkman?

The Sony Walkman is a portable audio player. The first Walkman's were introduced decades ago and played cassette tapes. The Walkman is now a digital media player capable of playing audio and, often... Read More »

Who invented the Sony Walkman?

The Sony Corporation invented the Sony Walkman. The man chiefly responsible for the development of the invention was the company's then-executive deputy president, Norio Ohga. He became Sony's CEO ... Read More »

How to Download Movies to a Sony Walkman?

Sony Walkman video MP3 players allow you to play back music and videos. They include medium screen displays essential for video playback. This exciting process allows you to upload your favorite mo... Read More »