Sony KDL 40Z5800 - Samsung UE40B8000 - LG SL9000/9500.?

Answer I would reccommend the samsung as a professional satellite and aerial installer and having seen almost 1000 tv's in my job. Beats anything hands down on quality, sound, value etc.

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TV choice: Samsung DLP @ $1160, Sony 3LCD @ $1300, or Sony XSRD @ $1700?

I just bought the KDS-50A2000 and I am very pleased. There may be a few downsides, like the bulbs burning out. They cost around 250$ dollars to replace but it is easily done. Simply remove a cov... Read More »

Samsung or Sony Blu-Ray?

I'll tell you something different.According to this year EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) Awards, the best Blu-ray player is Panasonic DMP-BD50DescriptionThe Panasonic DMP-BD50 is more... Read More »

Lg sony samsung which is best lcd tv?

I have a 40V41000 Sony (last years model) and a 40B550 Samsung (this year's) and I sell TV's. Both are the second to the last entry models and although the Sony is a year older it still is a better... Read More »

Samsung vs sony........?

To answer your comment on your previous question...…NO, 2GB of RAM is not enough for gaming, you need at least 4GB (best would be 8GB).Also, make sure you ... Read More »