Sony Handycam Vision Hi8, how to download the video on it onto your computer?

Answer Hi8 is analog, but computers need a digital input so you'll need an analog to digital converter. You can get a suitable device from any electronics store.

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Can I tape and download a video with my camera Sony Handycam?

Record...1. Snab some video editing software. Windows Movie Maker will do just fine if you don't want to spend money.2. How you download from your camera to your computer is plugging in a little c... Read More »

Getting video from my Sony handycam dvd-r camera o my computer?

You need some suitable software as well - Try it this way Use a programme such as Ulead VideoStudio - you take the mini-disc out of your camcorder and put it into the DVD tray of your PC making sur... Read More »

How to Upload Sony Handycam Video to a Computer?

Uploading the videos on your Sony Handycam to a computer is an easy and simple process using a USB connector cable that plugs into one of the USB ports on your computer. (Check your Handycam's pack... Read More »

How to copy video clippings from my Sony Handycam DCR-TRV 27 to my computer ?

If all you want is a free solution, Windows comes with a video editor, called Movie Maker. You can find it in your Start Menu, unless you've deleted the shortcut there. It actually is found in th... Read More »