Sony Handycam DCR-TRV350 Digital-8 error E:61:10 fix myself and how.?

Answer This particular error usually signifies a stuck internal lens. Try turning the camera on, removing the tape, and then zooming in and out as you whack it a few times against a semi-hard surface. Do... Read More »

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Sony Digital Supershot Handycam?

I think the best thing is to ask your teacher. she would have the best knowledge after all it is her camera right? good luck

Does anybody out there know how to fix Sony DCR-IP55 Handycam problem of digital streaming not turning on?

Hi ned1wils,As I read your excellent explanation of the problem, it occurred to methat you're concentrating on the camera only. I downloaded the manualfrom here: Read More »

Sony HC62 MiniDV Handycam or Sony HC51 - Are they any good Do you recomend?

MiniDV tape based camcorders capture video to the digital tape and store in DV format. This uses pretty much no compression. The "DV" in miniDV = digital video.Presuming the camcorders are similarl... Read More »

Sony handycam?

With consumer electronics we are slaves to "what is coming out next". It has been my experience that newer technology has always been the way to go. Just make sure not to jump on the bandwagon to... Read More »