Sony HC62 MiniDV Handycam or Sony HC51 - Are they any good Do you recomend?

Answer MiniDV tape based camcorders capture video to the digital tape and store in DV format. This uses pretty much no compression. The "DV" in miniDV = digital video.Presuming the camcorders are similarl... Read More »

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How to Connect an Hi8 to a Sony MiniDV Handycam?

As home video formats move forward, sometimes it's necessary to transfer old videos to new media to keep them compatible with the current technology. It's easy to transfer Hi8 video to MiniDV with ... Read More »

Sony Sony MiniDV video camera model PD 177 Price in India?

Is the Sony DCRSX44LM Handycam Flash Camcorder any good?

I would consider it is a good camcorderSony DCR-SX44 Flash memory Handycam Camcorder4GB Embedded Flash Memory60x Optical, 2000x Digital zoomProfessional quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens2.7" Cle... Read More »

Is the Sony Handycam CX-200 good for beauty videos on YouTube?

Assuming the lighting is good, yes, the Sony HDR-CX200 should be fine for the stated purpose. ADD LIGHT.Use a tripod or other steadying device. I hope you computer and the video editor you plan to ... Read More »