Sony HC3 Specs: Horizontal Resolution?

Answer The Sony HDR-HC3 HDV Handycam is a 1080i high-definition video camera. The HDR-HC3's horizontal resolution is one of the device's technical specifications. The horizontal resolution, as well as oth... Read More »

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I am using Sony camcorder for 3 years. The old tapes now show lots of horizontal blank stripes. any solution?

Nothing is forever.I assume that you are playing the tapes back on the same camcorder?If so, have you had those tape heads cleaned?That would be the first step.If you have an external playback deck... Read More »

Sony alpha950 resolution - is it silly?

I guess that depends on what you need a dSLR for? Unlike others I don't presume to preach to people that they don't need many mpix.The other guy saying that 6mpix is enough is trotting out the sam... Read More »

Sony TC-K2A Specs?

Sony's TC-K2A is a vintage stereo cassette deck that was manufactured from 1978 to 1984. At the time of its original release, its suggested retail price was approximately $200. The deck had both pl... Read More »

Sony Ddu 1615 Specs?

Many PCs include an option for an optical drive, i.e. a drive that uses a laser to read optical discs such as CDs, VCDs and DVDs. Although CD-ROMS or CD re-writable drives can play music CDs and r... Read More »