Sony Digicam DSC-T200 help reqd. !!!!?

Answer just connect your camera to the laptop. just buy a firewire it will do the job good.

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Which Sony battery works best with Sony Cybershot DSC-T200?

Why limit yourself to a Sony battery? The stock NP-FD1 is a good lithium-ion battery. But if you think Sony makes these power cells, you're dreaming. Sony has them manufactured for them. And the co... Read More »

Which digicam is better.. sony or nikon../?

Dude, there is no comparison between these 2 brands. Both Sony and Nikon are the best at its own way. First lets check the price factor:Sony W Series DSC-W120 - will cost you at around Rs. 10,890/-... Read More »

Which is the best sony digicam that i can get within Rs 10000.Plz provide some details if possible?

Depends on what your wanting, if you want something more video based, you'll probably want the D5000. But, if you want something more photography based, you more likely to want the D3100. I'm going... Read More »

I have a sony w80 video mode fr rec is set to std.the recorded film is saved in thm format.?

most digital cameras take an image or record a video , also they produce a thumbnail for viewing on the camera LCDThese thumbnails have extension .thmSo, those .thm files are not videos, its only t... Read More »