Sony DSC-W55 camera problem.?

Answer Read the manual:…Try initializing the camera - page 24. If that does not work, see page 29 - take the battery out for at least a minute, put the battery ba... Read More »

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Sony camera problem! Help!?

If you were foolish enough to actually believe that banging on the camera or smacking it or dropping it on the floor would "fix" it how on earth did you find your way home? Or are you home-schooled... Read More »

How do you download pictures from a Sony digital camera with just the usb data cable and not the software using Compaq Presario V2000 Unsure what the op system is Unable to install Sony camera drivers?

Normally, even without the driver, your computer should recognise the camera as an external storage drive and assign it a drive letter, just like a hard disk or CD drive.If you are usng windows XP,... Read More »

Sony Sony MiniDV video camera model PD 177 Price in India?

Choose between these camera: Sony HDR-XR500 or Sony DCR-SR65?

They are not in the same class.Both are hard disc drive based - right off the bat, they would fall off my list just for that... but here goes.Both have a built-in infrared emitter for zero light vi... Read More »