Sony A350 got wet. Shutter dial unresponsive.?

Answer One option is to leave it sit for a couple days to dry out. Sometimes the water just needs to evaporate before the mechanisms and electronics return to normal. Resist the temptation to use it whi... Read More »

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Which one is better canon rebel xsi or sony alpha a350?

Sony is an electronics company. Canon is a legendary CAMERA and LENS company. Which one do you want to buy a camera from?To get more elaborate, I will counter several points one at a time: - The So... Read More »

I have a new Sony A350, when I wanted to recently take pictures of lightning, at night...?

This might sound redundant but bear with me,You are using a remote commander right and a tripod right? And you are setting your camera to M and adjust your iso/shutter/aperture for the correct exp... Read More »

Is choking care for unresponsive children the same for unresponsive adults?

How to Increase the Shutter Speed on a Sony Cybershot?

A higher shutter speed means allowing less light in to the lens. It is an excellent way to take crisp photos of sporting events, wildlife, and any other object that might move quickly. Fortunately,... Read More »