Sony 27 inch TV tube acting up?

Answer They stopped using tubes in television sets in the mid 70's. Pretty sure it's not a tube problem. I suggest you go to Televisions today are much more complicated. (you can't fix them... Read More »

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Which TV should I get - 32-inch Sony (KDL32SL130), 37-inch Toshiba (37HL67) or 42-inch Phillips (42TA648BX)?

GET THE PHILIPS 42" it's a steal for that price and it's $200 off so it's $999.99it's 1080p , the contrast ratio is very good and pretty good response time buy it it's very cheap for that kind of t... Read More »

Can a sony blu ray disc player and sony blu ray style tuner work with a Philips 42 inch 120hz 1080p lcd hdtv with two hdmi cables?

What is a ten-inch tube pan?

A 10-inch tube pan is used to bake angel food cake. It is a round pan, 10 inches in diameter, with tall sides and a tube in the center that creates a hole in the middle of the cake. Tube pans are s... Read More »

What is a 10-inch tube pan?

The 10-inch tube pan (angel food pan) is a circular baking pan with a long tube in the center. Some variations include a drop-out bottom that makes it easier to remove the cake after baking. Other ... Read More »