Sony 27 inch TV tube acting up?

Answer They stopped using tubes in television sets in the mid 70's. Pretty sure it's not a tube problem. I suggest you go to Televisions today are much more complicated. (you can't fix them... Read More »

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Which TV should I get - 32-inch Sony (KDL32SL130), 37-inch Toshiba (37HL67) or 42-inch Phillips (42TA648BX)?

GET THE PHILIPS 42" it's a steal for that price and it's $200 off so it's $999.99it's 1080p , the contrast ratio is very good and pretty good response time buy it it's very cheap for that kind of t... Read More »

What is a 10-inch tube pan?

The 10-inch tube pan (angel food pan) is a circular baking pan with a long tube in the center. Some variations include a drop-out bottom that makes it easier to remove the cake after baking. Other ... Read More »

What is a ten-inch tube pan?

A 10-inch tube pan is used to bake angel food cake. It is a round pan, 10 inches in diameter, with tall sides and a tube in the center that creates a hole in the middle of the cake. Tube pans are s... Read More »

How to Weld a 4-Inch Aluminum Tube?

Aluminum tubing is often instrumental in refrigeration systems, due to its high thermal conductivity. By the same token, however, this thermal conductivity often results in weld puddles forming at ... Read More »