Sonographer Degrees?

Answer Diagnostic medical sonographers are a critical part of the medical team responsible for diagnosing and caring for patients. Sonographers use high-frequency sound waves to produce and interpret imag... Read More »

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Sonographer Schools?

Diagnostic medical imaging has revolutionized the practice of medicine over recent decades. The field dates back to the first use of x-rays for imaging in 1896, but with the computer age a host of ... Read More »

Responsibilities of a Sonographer?

Sonographers or ultrasonographers are highly trained medical professionals. Operating sophisticated diagnostic imaging equipment to assess the medical conditions of patients requires experience and... Read More »

Duties of a Sonographer?

Sonographers, also known as ultrasound technologists, operate imaging equipment that sends high-frequency sound waves into body tissue to produce pictures and or videos that can be used to diagnose... Read More »