Songs for quiet and tidy up time?

Answer Remember the big comfy couch.I'm pretty sure they had a clean up songwith a clock and all and they had to cleanup really fast. That girl would always say"who made this big mess!"I'm sure you can fi... Read More »

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How to Enjoy a Quiet Time Alone?

Is school stressing you out? Is work getting to you? We all need time to ourselves. Even if you are not stressed, taking time to be by yourself can be calming and rewarding.

How to Establish a Personal Quiet Time With God?

I am.A quiet time with God sometimes has been made more complicated than what it is. But, you are always with Him and when you really believe so, that quiet time comes along easily.

How to Establish Quiet Time With the Lord?

Quiet time may be solitary time, taking a bubble bath or enjoying a big bowl of ice cream when your children are playing outside. Quiet time with the Lord is when you put the Lord in your heart. Al... Read More »

How to Encourage Quiet Time at Home?

Quiet time is often a cure for boiling blood and leads to a much happier home environment.