Songbird Features?

Answer For music lovers, Songbird is a fully integrated music player that supports several platforms, updates Facebook and organizes playlists. Through Songbird, combining art, photos and video promises a... Read More »

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How to Use Songbird?

Songbird is an open source audio player meant to be integrated with today's uses. Being both free and powerful, it's a great choice when listening to music while surfing the Web. What Songbird look... Read More »

What is a songbird?

Songbirds belong to a group of birds known as Passeriformes (or perching birds). These birds have a vocal organ that allows them to make musical notes. Types of these birds include robins, thrushes... Read More »

Utah Songbird Identification?

Bird watching can be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Songbirds of Utah can be identified by their coloring, the region in which they're found and the melody of their song.

Is a common grackle a songbird?

The common grackle is not a songbird, but rather a species of blackbird. They have a more tapered beak and are longer and taller than most other blackbirds, and though from a distance their plumage... Read More »