Song in new ITV2 advert Advertising America's got talent gossip girl etc?

Answer i think its the one your looking for but...The Ting Tings (great dj)

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What song is used for the new advert Americas Got Talent?

Only if you are super hot. If not you must be a women. I think one of the judges is gay so it is possible.

What is the advert music for America's got talent on ITV2?

The music that is played during the recaps of America's Got Talent is Clubbed to Death from The Matrix soundtrack. The artist is Rob D. and it's number four on the c.d..

Do you sing a whole song in Americas got talent?

Well, in America's Got Talent if you're have actual talent or extremey bad talent (they may want to keep watching) you will most likely be able to finish your song. However, the judges are allowed ... Read More »

What is the song in the opening credits of the Americas's Got Talent Season 2?

Go to the internet and find the nearest place were American idol is auditioning. Go there fill out an audition form.Hope you win