Song Copyright Rules?

Answer Songwriters rely on copyright laws to protect the integrity and value of their work, as well as their sole right to profit from the songs they've written. There are many rules involved in copyright... Read More »

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Copyright Act Rules?

The Copyright Act of 1976, enacted by the 94th Congress, is a revision of the Copyright Law of the United States Code. Protection now extends to any authored work, created in any tangible medium kn... Read More »

Film Copyright Rules?

Rules about copyrights for films and movies are found in federal copyright law. These laws determine who owns the copyright, who can use the material in the film and when users need the copyright o... Read More »

Rules About Copyright in the Classroom?

In today's age of online presentations, YouTube annotations, blogs, wikis, and software mash-ups, it's easy to take material (images, videos, maps) from a website and incorporate it into a classroo... Read More »

Fair Use Copyright Rules for DVD's?

Copyright laws are intended to protect the authors and creators of original works from unauthorized sale, duplication, or modification. By protecting works such as songs, movies and books, the copy... Read More »