Son has removed the contact list and text icon from iphone 1g please help?

Answer a lot of apps

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How do you send a mass text to all your contact list on the iPhone 4S?

Organise your contacts into a group, then send a text to the group.

How can i copy my contacts from my SIMcard to my Iphone contact list?

On the home screen go to settings.The 8th option down is "mail, contacts, calendars"Click this.Now scroll all the way down. There 3rd to the last option is "import SIM contacts"Click that. And ther... Read More »

How do you delete a contact from contact list?

you go options and scroll down untill you find the ord delete and press the middle button of your phone but you have to be on contacts and make sure youre on the name you want to delete

I want to copy text of scanned images to the below plain text gow to do it please help me?

Some scanners (like used by me Hp G4010) has a special software called OCR (Optical character Recognition). this software converts your scanned documents to plain text documents. Check on your manu... Read More »