Somthing you find in a lounge starting with a k?

Answer Mexico City would qualify as such.

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I Think theres somthing wrong with my leg?

It sounds like you may have pulled your calf muscles. You need to gently massage the painful area with oil to reduce the pain.

What is somthing I could make for a romantic dinner with my wife?

Whatever her favorite is. For instance - My husband cooks stuffed chicken breast and it is heavenly. Very easy recipe, and the stuffing is stove top. But it's my favorite thing that he makes and... Read More »

Why is this laser pointer so cheap. is there somthing wrong with it?

It's probably cheaply made. It also probably won't shine as far and as bright as the other more expensive models.

Has somthing to do with Mexico Oprah Winfrey the national geographic channel and the dog psychology ghost whisperer?