Sometimes when I breath in my heart hurts really bad?

Answer it could be your lungs, you could have asthmawith that when you breathe you can get a sharp pain in your back or chest

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My chest hurts when I breath deeply, but it feels like is my heart?

I have this all the time.It comes and goes as it pleases.I would say to just contact your doctor and fill him/her in with your problem.I haven't gotten it checked out because I think it might just ... Read More »

My heart hurts sometimes?

you better stop being anorexic because that's how people die from a metal disorder! there heart actually stops working if you not eating! the girl off Saturday night live died from her eating disor... Read More »

Why does my heart hurts sometimes?

the most important thing if u have this symptom is its relation to exercises or effort.This symptom may look harmful to you but it may be completely harmless due to myositis -muscular inflammation ... Read More »

My heart beats really hard sometimes?

I'm 15 and that has happened to me since i was like 7, I've always been in shape, active, healthy eater and i went to a doctor about a year ago and nothing was found. apparently it's common but the... Read More »