Sometimes when I breath in my heart hurts really bad?

Answer it could be your lungs, you could have asthmawith that when you breathe you can get a sharp pain in your back or chest

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My chest hurts when I breath deeply, but it feels like is my heart?

I have this all the time.It comes and goes as it pleases.I would say to just contact your doctor and fill him/her in with your problem.I haven't gotten it checked out because I think it might just ... Read More »

I smoked last night my throat hurts when i breath and eat and the sides of my neck?

Were you coughing? Try to take smaller hits and hold them longer. You don't need to be stoned, just mellow. Also, drink the recommended daily water amount. I bet you all these people bashing about ... Read More »

I'm spitting up blood-stained mucus and it hurts to take a deep breath!?

Stop breathing deeply and see your closest veterinarian.

My heart hurts a lot and need you to help!!?