Sometimes my boyfriends semen is yellow instead of white. should i be worried?

Answer As long as it's not red... He's fine...If it ever does turn red, get him to the hospital!!! Something ain't right then!!!

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Is yellow semen a sign of infection or is it due to other reasons?

Answerno its is normal for sperm to change to a yellowish color. It's very common for semen to have a little yellow to it. No cause for alarm. But if it's totally yellow or orange, then it could be... Read More »

If you leave a small amount of semen on a door handle and a woman touches it and then fingers herself what is the chance that you will get her pregnant and should you be worried?

AnswerFirst of all I hope this Question is a hoax. If not then here goes. You cant get a girl pregnant Like that the spirm even if the did live til she fingered herself wouldnt penetrate deep enoug... Read More »

Why isn't me semen white.?

It appears you haven't reached sexually maturity yet. All males regardless of age can achieve a climax (famous Dr. Kinsey study). This includes producing pre-ejaculate. Pre-ejaculate is clear and c... Read More »

My computer screen turned yellow....the white is yellow....and i cant change it back ....whats wrong with it..?

Check the cable connection from your monitor to the computer. If it is not connected properly it can cause your screen to change colors trust me.