Sometimes it gets so painful, that i love it....why cant i stop?

Answer you CAN stop! :)don't listn to that band then. it's OBVIOUSYL making you worsedon't let yourself. don't touch whatever you could use to cut (meaning knives, razors, needles, ect)*hugs*if for nothin... Read More »

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Is it weird that i laugh when some one gets hurt like falling down the stairs or sumtin i cant help it?

lmfao! falling down the stairs. umm lol alot of people laughat thatt.

I cant stop eatin is there any pill that helps ya stop eatin?

Yes there is. You should try sensa. I've heard great things about it :-)

Sometimes, my monitor will make a high-pitch sound that gives me a headache. How can I stop it?

That horrible high-pitched noise is the flyback transformer, and those of us with sensitive ears really hate it.Here are a couple of things you can try: go to your display properties (right click ... Read More »

My husband coughs sometimes and you know how sometimes you cough so much that you throw up?

Dont ask the doctors here, most of them are probably pretend doctors. If it sounds bad and does not look right, ALWAYS rush him to a doctor.You can never know how bad it is until you get it properl... Read More »