Sometimes i like to cover myself in vaseline and pretend im a slug?

Answer I almost died laughing at this. I haven't seen this troll before! If it's not a troll, you have a serious disease. Therefore, there is no cure. You may as well get used to it. First, take off the v... Read More »

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I like to do it myself, but sometimes I think it would be helpful to bring in an expert...?

I'm not sure this is a real question or just someone trolling, but I will treat it as real.If you are looking for a "skilled expert" (in other words, a professional) to barter with, you may not hav... Read More »

Sometimes i just feel like killing myself....PLEASE READ THIS!?

Hey there... reading this reminds me of this huge surgery scar I wear proudly on my head. Its practically the entire right side . You see 4 years ago I had AVM. Simply put a blood vessel popped in... Read More »

Sometimes I think to myself...thats so raven?

hahahha (:i used to be in love with that show when i was a kid, i swear i watched every single episode!

Sometimes when i cut myself it doesn't bleed?

You probably have poor circulation, not cutting deep enough, or when you get cut you're not hitting any real prominent blood vessels. Where exactly are you "cutting" yourself?