Sometimes i just feel like killing myself....PLEASE READ THIS!?

Answer Hey there... reading this reminds me of this huge surgery scar I wear proudly on my head. Its practically the entire right side . You see 4 years ago I had AVM. Simply put a blood vessel popped in... Read More »

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Why is it sometimes when you are about to fall asleep you jolt and feel like you've just fallen off a cliff?

This always happens to me. It's when I think i'm walking (like Louise) down stairs usually and I miss a stair. I asked about it and apparently one theory is there's tension in your body when you li... Read More »

Your daughter is 8 months old. She has these cute actions sometimes that look like she is shivering or just got the chills. Is this enough to be a concern?

Is she cold? It could be nothing. But an overriding concern with what little has been given is the possibility of a neurological condition. There may be another explanation, and a professional shou... Read More »

Do you sometimes read Wikipeetia just for laughs?

I feel like killing myself.?

You need to talk to someone, like a counselor. I don't believe you have nothing to live for, I just think that you're in a rut and can't see the good in your life at the moment.