Sometimes i feel the need to eat cherries and pumpkins together?

Answer just don't care about others if you like then just eat itmy friend :)

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Why do you sometimes feel like you need to move your legs?

That's called "restless leg syndrome". I have had it before myself. Here is a link so you can read more about it:…

Sometimes eating makes me feel really sick. Like I need to throw up Why?

If the nausea occurs after consuming fatty/fast food, spicy food, freshly baked bread, onion, cabbage, apples, beans, peas, coffee, chocolate, cucumber, watermelon or red pepper, then it is most li... Read More »

I empty my bowels 3 or 4 times a day sometimes more i have diverticulitis also sometimes i still do not feel e?

You just tossed a couple details together that really only means you poop 3 or 4 times a day. This is a stretch since you have no symptoms of anything but, you don't follow the correct diet and tak... Read More »

Do you ever feel really ugly sometimes and sometimes beautiful.?

I have days that I feel that I'm too ugly to leave the house and days in which I look in the mirror and think that I'm sooooooo beautiful. The former usually happens most. The latter, not so much.I... Read More »