Sometimes i cant swallow food.?

Answer Where does it feel like it gets stuck? That's an important factor.

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Do i get rabies if i swallow cat's saliva in my food?

No well if you cat has rabies then yes but if your cat has recently been bitten by something with rabies it probably has rabies but if your cat it healthy and doesn't have any thing really wrong wi... Read More »

I get a pain in my chest when i swallow food Acid reflux?

Acid reflux usually happens when you sleep after you ate a huge meal but it usually happens to people like in their 50's and older. It's like your food liquified rushes up from your stomach area w... Read More »

I have the sensation in my ears of being underwater when I chew food and swallow,should I be worried?

I had a similar problem after listening music for too long in Bangkok and taking two planes to india. My ears clogged and i partially lost my earing abilities for a few weeks.I went to a specialist... Read More »

What do you like better :mexican food , chines food, italian food or fast food?

All of it, but I'm not really a fan of fast food..........