Somethings can bite you on the butt -Craig's List?

Answer Right on, but Darwin is a little disappointed.

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What is Craigs list?

Go to and find out...just do a search for your area (where you live) and you'll find a local classified section, singles search, jobs, etc. It's not monitored very well so there... Read More »

Is it a good idea to buy a phone from craigs list?

no it might not be a good idea because if you buy it and it does not work you might not be able to return it to who ever you bought it from

How is there a bug bite on my butt?

listin. no one will kill you. next time you go to bed wear like pj pants.

Can my Girlfriend get butt cancer if I bite her on the ***?

No. If you give her human papilloma virus by sexual contact, she could develop anal carcinoma or cervical carcinoma. Hopefully, she has had the HPV vaccine. Bite away - IF she likes that ?http:/... Read More »