Something weird about my scar?

Answer You should consult some skin specialist.

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Is it weird if someone mentioned something about changing their medication on FB?

People always post weird things on facebook.

My dentist did something weird?

Some smoothing during orthodontic treatment is normal, but that action is pure laziness. You should have your case transferred to a real orthodontist right away because that is a sign that they're ... Read More »

Something really weird happened on Twitter?

It is possible that Twitter account was dreated with the same E-Mail account you created to-day.The original owner of that E-mail account either deleted the E-Mail account or it was deleted for som... Read More »

Is there something weird with my Facebook?

it means you accidently favorited them or somethig. I favorited my best friends so when they post new things I can see, lol I sound creepy but hahahah