Something that a baby does that starts with an A?

Answer Africa, then Asia

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What is something that you keep in your refrigerator that starts with the letter a?

Apples, apple juice, apple cider, apricots, apple butter, asparagus, ahi, albacore,

What is the difference between a website that starts with “http://” and one that starts with “https://”?

Https: is a secure, encrypted connection. This is what you need to look for whenever you shop on line to be sure that your connection (and information) is safe.If you go to a website that starts ... Read More »

What is something that starts with an A in France?

Avion (plane) Aspirateur (vacuum cleaner) Argent (money) Animal , Arsenic, Automobile (car) and so on...

Something found in a bathroom that starts with an E?

Excement in the pan.I think im gona get lots of thumbs down for this one sorry