Something that a baby does that starts with an A?

Answer Africa, then Asia

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What is the average age that a baby starts walking?

The average age would be somewhere around 12 months. But average for babies across the world has nothing to do with it. What matters is what is average for your baby. You have babies that are pull... Read More »

How many months until a baby starts crawling?

.the average age is 5-6 months. Some babies do it earlier than some and some do it later than others. I start to worry till 9-12 months. You should talk to your child's doctor about their development.

What if new born baby starts to pee out blood.?

Their bladder may be ripped. Answer Their bladder may be ripped. If this is the case, get the child to the emergency room Immediately!

Average age a twin baby starts walking?

average age a baby can start walking is 1