Something stuck in my throat?

Answer If I were you, I would drink a lot of water and immediately call the doctor for help. Sorry about that btw, hope you will be alright :).

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Feels like something is stuck in my throat...?

Worst case scenario, it's a food allergy. Go to an ER if so as it could be a problem for breathing.Otherwise, stay calm, drink water. If it doesnt pass, seek help.

I feel like something is stuck in my throat?

Chances are this is just food that scraped or irritated a spot in your oropharynx, laryngopharynx or on the wall of your esophagus and you still have the sensation. These are sensitive areas. It... Read More »

If something gets stuck in your throat, can you breathe with your nose?

Fishbone stuck in throat?

I agree a big old hunk of dry bread will do the trick. If your breathing isn't affected, don't worry. It will fix itself eventually. But it's so irritating in the meantime.