Something painful in my eye how do i get rid of it?

Answer Lots of eye drops. NOT Visine; doctors advise Artificial Tears instead.If it's your right eye, hold your left nostril closed and blow your nose.If it's left eye, hold left nostril closed and blow.... Read More »

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What causes that almost painful tingling sensation in jaws when something sour is eaten?

When your taste-buds detect a sour taste, your salivary glands (located near to the jaw joints) react by producing much more saliva than is usual.This feels mildly painful because the extra saliva ... Read More »

I have strep throat and when i eat something it hurts (when i swallow) is there a way to make it less painful?

They do sell spray and drops like chloraseptic and chloraseptic spray at most drug stores, that has some phenol in it to freeze the throat.... or at least make it feel frozen. You may not like the... Read More »

I have painful bowel movements, any tips on how to make them less painful without meds or anything?

Your doctor lied to you. . . that's not normal. Drink plenty of water and change your diet. You need to put more fiber in your diet like whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, etc. Cut out or down on... Read More »

Is it painful to have stitches do they freeze you, is it painful to have them removed?

not painful at all - they'll give you a shot to numb the area, then they'll sew you up - can't feel a thingand if you're like me, your stitches will just fall out by themselves and you won't even n... Read More »