Something is wrong with my tap water?

Answer Drink some bottled water.

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What's wrong if your pool water will not maintain a chlorine level even after major multi super shocks and the water is blue but cloudy and you have treated it for metals and algae etc.?

Answer Check your Total Alkalinity and your Calcium Hardness totals. Normally, when either of these are out of wack, it's hard to maintain you chorine levels. Also, if you have a sand filter, you m... Read More »

How do I know if there is something wrong with the water I use in my home?

Call up your local Water Board, and ask them to come test it for you.

Is it wrong if i drink 4L of water a day?

If you're a very active person it maybe normal but if you're not than you can drown yourself by drinking so much water,

Water down the "wrong pipe"?

If your water goes into your trachea (windpipe) then you do cough a lot.In some cases, it can get trapped (the windpipe and other air passages are lined with mucous to trap things that shouldn't be... Read More »