Something is wrong with my tap water?

Answer Drink some bottled water.

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How do I know if there is something wrong with the water I use in my home?

Call up your local Water Board, and ask them to come test it for you.

I'm peeing more often and my pee is now clear like water. Is something wrong with me?

No.. youre peeing often because youre drinking lots of water... clear pee is good... you want to have clear pee, it means you are not dyhydrated. The more yellow and darker your pee is, the more d... Read More »

Something really wrong with my pc. it wont turn on. what wrong?

Check your processor it might be fried so stop trying to restart your comp before you loose everything. Processors are about $65 but if it fried it's either because your comp fan is out or full di... Read More »

Is there something wrong with my Canon Rebel t3 Or am I just not understanding something Please help!!?

To use your T3i in Manual Mode you must do two things:1) Learn to use your camera's light meter. Your Owner's Manual will explain how.2) Learn the Exposure Triangle - Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO:htt... Read More »