Something is wrong with my anus ?

Answer It sounds like you might have anal fissure. It's usually when there are little fissures around our anus. Especially if there is pain present while defecation. If there is no pain, then you might ... Read More »

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What does it mean if you bleed from your anus?

It could be last stages of Sclerophthora macrospora. If you notice that he is hard to wake-up or really tired in the morning, craves a lot of carbohydrate food like Pizza or has a hard time rememb... Read More »

I Cut My Anus Shaving Will It Be OK?

you'll be fine. keep it clean. poop in open wounds don't mix well.

I think that there might be worms in my anus... What should I do?

dude this was the funniest thing I saw all day! If you aren't kidding, WOW, I'm sorry

Do buzzards have an anus?

The term "buzzard" is casually used as a nickname for a number of birds, including black vultures, turkey vultures, king vultures and the common buzzard, which is known as a hawk. Each of these bi... Read More »