Something is stuck under my eyelid, HOW do I get it OUT?

Answer I pull my eyelid down over my bottom lashes

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How do I remove contact lens stuck under my eyelid?

maybe that you havent got it stuck at all, and it has fallen out, and the eyeball is scratched. (i once went to a p*issed guy who was trying to take one out, but was actually trying to pull his rea... Read More »

Thorns got stuck to my eyelid...?

Get someone there to have a close look at it to make sure there isn't still a piece of the thorn stuck in there. Try treating it with used tea bags. Steep tea bags in hot water. Squeeze out the ... Read More »

I have a lump under my right eyelid, but what is it?

sounds like a chalazion which is a plugged up sebaceous gland try hot compresses (not too hot-hot enough that u can stand the heat) do it 10 mins at a time about 3-4 times a day--if it doesnt go do... Read More »

Is there something wrong with my eyelid And should I inform my eye doctor?

That sounds like a good idea.Hopefully you aren't still wearing the same contacts.