Something in the public restroom?

Answer It could have been blood or diarrhea

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How to Use a Public Restroom?

Public restrooms are not always the cleanest places to visit. Even a clean public restroom can harbor many, many germs just by dint of the fact that so many people use the same facility all day lon... Read More »

Public Restroom Etiquette?

There are unwritten codes of conduct for etiquette in public restrooms. Knowing them could save embarrassment and will certainly make sharing a public restroom easier for others. Keep in mind that ... Read More »

How to Be Discreet While Using a Public Restroom?

Whether you're in a public restroom or a guest at someone's house, there's nothing as disgusting as poor restroom etiquette. Learn to be discreet and clean while using a restroom other than your own.

Public Restroom Facts?

You've been there. We all have. Waiting in line in a small, cringe-inducing public restroom for a stall or urinal to become available. That's just one public restroom nightmare. Such places have a ... Read More »