Something in my ear Scared..?

Answer You have wax stuck in your ear.Get one of those ear cleaner systems, put in the drops and GENTLY blow warm water in their a few times.I had a piece of napkin stuck in my ear from a loud club that t... Read More »

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Scared I have something serious?

I think you have severe health anxiety and could do well with some xanax and counseling. You are wasting your whole life by worrying over nothing. You will probably live to be 100 and then you will... Read More »

18 and scared is something wrong with me?

I think this is not good for you meet doctor ans discus for your problem pink color blood not right .

OMG!! i am scared that the police will come or something!!!?

Don't worry, people go to those sites all the time. The police have bigger criminals to catch. Its weird though that google would alert you. I always watch porn and its never happened. Maybe your f... Read More »

Virus or Something serious please help me im scared.?

Yes it sounds like a virus. Maybe something like mild flu. Only thing you can do is rest a lot sleep a lot and take on lots of liquids.