Something bad happened...?

Answer Depends on your occupation.......Carpenter's glue if you do wood working.Nail gun if you are a contractor.Elemer's glue if you are a teacher.Electrician's tape if you are a little " wired".If you a... Read More »

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If something happened to you...?

Awesome question!!Not sucking up either..I know it can be done.Afterall, I have done it.My husband passed away when our baby girl was only 5 months old.I was clueless.He made the money, he payed th... Read More »

Something happened to my braces?

I hurt my foot and something happened?

Something really weird happened on Twitter?

It is possible that Twitter account was dreated with the same E-Mail account you created to-day.The original owner of that E-mail account either deleted the E-Mail account or it was deleted for som... Read More »