Someone who knows computers please help me!!+?

Answer I feel you should start with cleaning it up. You may have a virus or spyware/adaware. You may not have cleaned out your registry lately. Don't worry you can do it all in no time.A clean computer is... Read More »

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I AM DESPERATE! Please, I need someone who knows about RAM and space on computers!?

.You are on the right track, and you've done well so far.Removing programs you don't use, Disk Clean Up, and Defrag are all great steps to helping your computer work more efficiently.But I'm guessi... Read More »

Anyone who has/had/or knows someone with leukemia, please help =( !?

Well first i am so sorry! I know what it was like when i found out i had leaukemia. Keep your head high! Dont give up yet! First you said you had more months in Japan. Dont give up yet! Fi... Read More »

I need someone who knows about computers!?

Assuming something's been changed in the last two days to cause this problem, try the following:1) click on "Start"2) select "Control Panel"3) make sure "All Control Panel Items" is selected4) sele... Read More »

To anyone who knows anything about computers need your help?

Have you looked in the recycle bin on the desktop.When you delete anything in Windows (assuming you are using windows) it is moved into the recycle bin and not really deleted. If you go into the re... Read More »