Someone tell me what this is im scared?

Answer Do you itch more at night, because it might be scabies.

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I figured out i have cancer and im really scared and im too scared to tell my parents. how should i tell them.?

You probably DON'T have cancer. I assume you are young and over reacting. I use to think I had cancer at times when I was young, but there was always a very simple explanation for my imaginary diag... Read More »

Can someone tell me what this is!?

She needs to seek some medical care. Sounds like there is an issue with circulation. She seriously needs to be seen asap before there is some permanent damage. Did she injure herself?

Can someone tell me what plant is this?

It appears to be a Pride of Madeira (Echium candicans).…

Can someone tell me what this means please?

HaHaI've noticed that nobody is answering this question. It's just because nobody knows what the answer is. I think it means that there is someone who wants "authorized" financial aid. I looked ... Read More »