Someone stole my camera...?

Answer Go for a recognised make like, Nikon, Canon, Olympus or Pentax. If you can buy from a Photographic shop.You do not need any thing more than 5mil pixels.

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Someone stole my camera and i have the receipt and box, would they replace it?

If you bought it on a credit card less than a year ago then maybe.If you tried to get a replacement from the shop - no chance.If you have insurance - probably.

Someone stole my phone....?

I'm sorry to hear about your phone, but i hope this helps. First off think about the situation, your friend first, is he someone you trust? and Would he do something like that? Secondly try talki... Read More »

Someone stole my youtube video!!!!?

You have no legal ground to stand on. In order to copyright something you must be the creator or owner of the original content. You have no recourse.

Someone stole my phone. what do i do?

Well if you know who you let borrow your phone, or know what they look like, report it to the school. Did you take out the insurance? If so, you can get a new one.