Someone please help me with this private facebook!!!?

Answer you cant view things that are private - there would be no point in making it private if people could see it still

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Does that mean someone set their facebook private if...?

There are a few different levels of privacy on Facebook that you can set to your profile. You can just hide certain things or you can hide it all - I believe the only thing left public is your cove... Read More »

Do you think there is too much private information on Facebook?

I've heard that if you fill in your details i.e. Hometown/phone #, but delete these later, Facebook retains the original information you provided in its database even though you've deleted it (howe... Read More »

Im 13 and my mum wants to go through my private chats on facebook, has she the right to do that?

How can I view a private facebook profile?

Maybe they just arnt ready for you to meet her...and I'm just sayin you do seem kinda pushy..if they have rights to her and they don't want you involved then you wont be unless she wants to meet yo... Read More »