Someone please help me with this private facebook!!!?

Answer you cant view things that are private - there would be no point in making it private if people could see it still

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Could someone please help with this Q please....thanks?

It doesn't sound like an illness to me, it sounds like simple problems with sleeping patterns and quality of sleep - such as if your bed was in need of replacing or you have something worrying you.... Read More »

Can someone please help me with this?

No, unless you have a really odd answering machine. You could always test it just to be sure, if you really wished to see; leave your music blaring and then call your home from your cell phone, and... Read More »

Facebook please help me with this girl:(?

There is obviously a reason she hasnt replied. I would personally let it go especially since you two have never met. Ifshe wants to talk to you she will, but if you keep harassing her shes just goi... Read More »

Facebook please help me with this girl :(?

Typical girl attributes. Pretending not to be liking it but actually they like it. Just keep the flame alive and she'll be yours. Later she'll be the one begging. Lol. Mr. Know it all :D