Someone please help dizzy !?

Answer Drink water and sit breathing calmly. Try to fall asleep. If you feel worse, wake up your parents and tell them you feel really sick.

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Why do I get dizzy ?

you could have an ear infection or you could have high blood pressure. If it happens too often it may be better to see a doctor for a correct diagnosis.I wouldn't think it has anything to do with b... Read More »

I've been dizzy all day?

The fever is making you dizzy. Bring down the fever with tylenol, rest and fruit juices and water. You can also take over the counter Bonny for dizziness. It's wonderful. A lot better than dramine.

Why do I get dizzy! Help.?

This may occur if :Blood pressure drops suddenlyYou get up quickly after lying down ( more common )Your body does not have enough water, is dehydratedMany times there's a lack of iron in our body. ... Read More »

Is it bad that I'm only 21 and get dizzy sometimes?

It is normal at this stage so don't worry about that, just relax and enjoy the life. Am damn sure that you won't die just forget it. Thank You