Someone once told me that the best food to have in NY was?

Answer Despite the plethora of other cuisines, the best food to have in the City is two slices and a Coke. Hands down.There used to be this little hole in the wall, and I really mean "hole in the wall" do... Read More »

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So why wasn't I told about British food?

I was living in England for a whole year before I've tried Mar mite...I cant live without it. then followed pickle,brown sauce, sausages,gravy(OMG-essential now),bread&butter pudding, trife(!!!!!),... Read More »

Is a banana a nut i was told by a food higenist it is ! ?

No, a banana is a fruit.all fruit have seeds, in a banana theses seeds are there though only as remnants.The fruit has been described as a "leathery berry". In cultivated varieties, the seeds are d... Read More »

My father has been told he has diabetes what kind of food should he avoid and what can he eat?

Diabeties took my boys dad's life last year they are 14/16/18/and 19..I want to tell you something, it is a bad disease and it is wise, to tell him to stay away from Alcohal, breads, potatoes, chip... Read More »

My brother and i share a room and told me to pretend i was sleeping and i heard him having sex but he told me not to open my eyes what should i do?