Someone once told me that the best food to have in NY was?

Answer Despite the plethora of other cuisines, the best food to have in the City is two slices and a Coke. Hands down.There used to be this little hole in the wall, and I really mean "hole in the wall" do... Read More »

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I once saw an ad that told me what my computer was and my browser and also IP. Is there a site that does that?

Like this site? can copy and paste their code in your own web site.

My mom told me she may have thyroid cancer and my best friend told me she cuts herself?

I'm really sorry that you received this bad news. I'm praying for both your mom and your best friend. Give your worries to God, and keep your eyes on him. Jesus loves you so much that he paid for y... Read More »

I was told once that on a computer there is usually three ways to do the same thing ...?

Oh yes. Throw the damn thing through the window when it won't do what you want it to. Mine sails very close to the wind every time I'm using Word.

What is the best way to get rid of a cold i have tried every thing that every 1 has told me but nothing works?

Get lots of rest, and drink lots of orange juice.